Blood on Holy Ground

The new gothic mystery, Blood on Holy Ground, will be released later this year. Keep checking in for updates!


  Here’s the summary of the upcoming Miranda Lamden    mystery, Blood on Holy Ground:

In Blood on Holy Ground, the 2nd gothic mystery in Blair Yeatts’ Miranda Lamden series, Miranda arrives at the convent of Monte di Angeles looking forward to a quiet summer’s research into an Indian legend. Instead, almost before she can uncrate her cats, the killings begin, and she finds herself caught up in bloody murders, stalked by a deranged killer, and haunted by evil dreams. Rolling foothills blessed with a deep and almost conscious peace are suddenly overwhelmed by one vicious atrocity after another—striking at the people as well as the land itself.

Miranda is a professor of religion at a small Appalachian college, an expert on paranormal phenomena, and a woman gifted with spiritual vision. Free for the summer, she abandons her significant other, artist Jack Crispen, and sets out for the Tennessee convent at the invitation of her old friend Sister Catherine. Catherine settles Miranda into one of the forest hermitages near the tiny Conicoke Indian reservation adjoining convent land. Miranda knows that unless she can persuade the Conicoke Grandmothers to trust her enough to share their traditions, her research will founder, and the heart of the legend will never open to her, since her only other sources are evasive and disparaging convent accounts.

When Jack arrives for a visit, they find the first body, dumped at the base of the spill from the convent’s dump. After this discovery, Miranda and Jack seem doomed to stumble across more and more evidence of the killer’s crimes, goading his malice into paranoia and convincing him that Miranda is stealing his luck. He shifts his focus to her and stalks her with obsessive fury . . . and more than just murder on his mind. Hoping that their combined sight may show them a way to stop this monster, the Grandmothers summon Miranda into their circle, immersing her in a flood of visions from the spirits of the land—and the killer’s victims.

The murderer finds himself ensnared by his own evil when his brutal assault on Miranda miscarries, leaving him to prowl the forest wounded and delusional, but lethal as a cornered viper. His ruthless violence and the powers roused by its toxic presence come together in a spiritual vortex that nearly destroys everyone in its final combustion. Only the Grandmothers can guide Miranda and Jack into visions powerful enough to escape the firestorm unleashed by their relentless enemy.